*Women’s rights are as dirty as clean sanitary pads, wrapped in newspapers or stuffed in black plastic bags………..

                  *Feminism is a threat to those men who survive and thrive on masculinity rather than individuality……. 

*A lone women in neither a responsibility nor an opportunity,if you see her as either of the two ,you just choose between less or more demeaning notions of patriarchy.

*Traditions are made by men and followed by women…….

Women who follow religion ,simultaneously follow men,because the two have to coexist peacefully ..for misogyny to survive

Ruminations of a feminist @neharaghuvanshi


Feminism beyond women

                        When asked most of us with little or no delay label ourselves loftily as

feminist. We declare audaciously that we are intense worshipers of female rights.I don’t question their conviction ,but i certainly doubt their knowledge about the same. When we say we are feminist and believe in equality,dignity and rights of women are we really doing justice to all female beings? Is feminism just a term to secure the rights of women or it should include the rights of every possible female being alive whether human or animal?What was the need of feminism ? Well, we all are aware ,because women were suppressed, they were subjected to atrocities,they were being denied the right to a dignified and respectable life.We just can’t attain freedom till the time we ourselves subjugate somebody knowingly or unknowingly. Unknown realm holds the bigger problems ,i would prefer to use unthought-of rather than unknown.We always misconstrue problems, or rather deal with the superficial ones ,blanking out the ones lying in the oceanic abyss.Rape is just the effect the cause of it being patriarchy, male chauvinism and misogyny.Similarly, ill treatment of any female specie holds the key to complete female subjugation.

download A women milking a cow seems normal right? Take a pause look at the shackles, still it looks normal?I am just not enunciating as a vegan but also as a feminist when i say that the picture is disturbing.It’s a sad state indeed, in a nation of “holy cow” there is nothing “holy” about their treatment similar to the notion of a nation where women are worshiped in the form of goddess, which lactating mother has surplus milk to feed others? I don’t think anyone has ,then why we hold such notions about cows and buffaloes?Are we not adding to the agony of female when we adhere to such practices ?Millions of cows and buffaloes are subjected to periodic rapes in order to produce milk….Yes ,i used the word rape, imagine you being made to have sex forcibly in order to have a continuous production of milk ,sounds so horrible isni’t it .But the cows and buffaloes face the same ,till the time they are spent completely and then sent to the slaughter houses.houses. Shouldn’t  this be a part of feminist agenda?

Now tell me, we all like dogs isn’t it? How many love the street ones? Maybe we all like them to the point that we allow them to survive and feed them but when it comes to choosing them as a family member we prefer pedigreed.The demand for certain breeds is very much ,because they serve as a status symbol ,and be it a street dog or pedigreed one  all love their owners in the same manner and to the same degree ,the difference lies in our minds.As a result of this excessive demand the females are forced into repeated cycles of impregnation.The dogs trapped in puppy mills are nothing but sex slaves.They are forced to constantly mate for someone else’s profit .

download (1)Dog rape stand.

These are pretty apparent examples ,which we choose to ignore and opt for deliberate blindness as patriarchy does to our rights.So are the women, who talk about feminism while sipping their coffee or tea not gulping down the rights, dignity of other female beings?Think about it ,it’s a larger battle and we all need to think about it seriously.Till the time even one single female soul will be suffering, our battle will not be complete.

Respect women without patriarchal roles

For many these messages would mean respect for women,indubitably they do, but respect only for women who fit in the patriarchal roles defined.It gives an eerie feeling and at the same time disgusts me when i see women sharing these kind of pictures on social networking sites.I mean are women worthy of respect only if they fit into such roles assigned to them by patriarchy?It means a woman would command respect only if she is a mother,daughter,sister or wife to someone,are patriarchal roles the only reason one could think about when it comes to respecting women.If yes,then my fear is thoroughly justified.I mean are men respected because of patriarchal tags ?Well no,men are respected because they are considered to be strong individuals.So why it’s different for women?
A woman should not be harassed because:

a)She is somebody’s someone or,

b)She is an individual who possess the right to respectful and dignified life,

Which of the two option sounds better?Of course , option(b) for in that a woman is considered an individual and possess a personal identity which gives her the right to dignified living.Option(a) would be a choice for those who fail to identify women as individual beings worthy of respect and rights.Gender equality is a term not very much entertained by me because at times it reeks of patriarchal notions.It means pushing forward women in a society woven with patriarchal fabric,and that concept is flawed for it would never let women exploit their real potential as an individual,she would work and define herself within the confines of patriarchal space.

I am also very much concerned about the women who are definitely a creation of this patriarchal set-up but denied a so called respectable title.Yes,i am very much talking about women who are created in order to satiate the lust of patriarchal potents but never acknowledged as a part of the set-up. What about the sex workers?Just because they don’t possess such role tags, are the men entitled to beat,molest or rape them?To big a issue to be dealt with right?But we have to as they are also a creation and part of our patriarchal setup. Even if i choose to ignore this aspect which is least ignorable then also is it okay to believe that if women have such roles to play they will be respected?No,a mother,wife ,sister or daughter is majorly ill treated and denied basic rights by her own family forget about the men outside.So my point is that if women prefer patriarchal roles above individuality and personal identity  they cannot command true respect.

Fasting to keep patriarchy and injustice alive.

Finally, the day has arrived…tomorrow scores of women from every walk of life will celebrate patriarchy.The traditional will defend it out of ignorance but the modern female brigade will shock you with bizarre logic…Tomorrow is the day when majority of women who campaign for women rights will bow down to patriarchy .Once again the patriarchal gods will be at peace to witness the submission,for it will testify that no matter how far a woman goes in her life,she will never be out of the web of patriarchal beliefs. Karva chauth will once again be celebrated zealously,tomorrow scores of women will be painted with colours of patriarchy and identifying the fettered from the so called liberated class would be impossible.For they all will exhibit only submission,obedience and helplessness.

Once again gender rights will be cremated by women themselves,only to fight a useless battle after that,it’s just like planting a sapling every morning only to uproot it in the evening and foolishly wait for it to grow..Modern female brigade is even worse than those who are illiterate,suppressed and dependent .Their futility of thought and action is unfathomable.They call their subservience and feebleness love.Often when i ask women as to why they follow such lame traditions the reasons put forth are so maddening that one can’t believe that they are educated or sane people(i would prefer not to call them individuals)…….some reasons put forth are:

  • I am very possessive for my husband,
  • I do it out of love and affection,
  • If i oblige what they say it makes my life easy,after all it’s just a bloody fast,what’s the big issue……

Yes darlings it’s no big issue then why to make suppression and subjugation a big issue then?The way the society conceives an individual or a particular community is directly influenced by how they act or portray themselves.You do it out of love and affection but what if it becomes asphyxiating for others?A large number of girls accept such traditions out of societal pressure,but i am not even justifying those for if you call yourself independent you should have the courage to stand for your beliefs no one can thrust it down your throat.

       It’s all a matter of beliefs..are your beliefs capable enough to make you stand out as an individual or are they just framed for acceptance….I am a little baffled because women who demand equality and justice follow such traditions just for mere acceptance and a hassle free life and if in case some women believe in the power of karva chauth “hats off to them” i pray for your sanity .

The Death Prone Husbands Of India

Now since i am married i am exposed to more hazards of being a woman.Post marriage a woman is expected to adorn herself with myriad of ornaments for the well being of her husband or to enhance her reproductive capacity.I know many people would quote references that it has more to do with the health of a women,but i would like to enquire how many such rationalities are dished out when a woman is asked to put on these adorns?And if it were in any case colligated to the health of a woman ,then why she is supposed to remove them when her husband dies?

The modern educated female brigade has abjured such customs if not wholly at least partially .We have a option to say no or rebel against such beliefs but still a large number of women adorn themselves with the post marriage ornaments not for any other reason but just the well being of their husbands.And occasionally even we have to decorate ourselves to avoid the caustic remarks of relatives.I am perplexed and really have serious doubts about the same that are Indian men so frail or death prone? Or the wife in herself is such an presaging ill fortune that such specifies are predetermined before she enters the life of the concerned male?Is it so that her presence is so ominous that it will expose the man’s life to so many perils?Because before marriage no such thing was practised by his mother or sister.On top of it women do fast also for the long lives of their husbands .

Ah! so much effort is expected of  women to keep their husbands alive and kicking.But men they do absolutely nothing at all.I think i would sound a bit eccentric but i would like to go and rationalise the practice with my latter conclusion that there is something wrong with the women’s presence or ogres always stalk them and gobbles down their husbands if the concerned woman detaches herself from such customs.

Struggling to unravel the enigma:Widows who adhere to all such practices throughout but still meets such a fate….Are the ogres to brawny to be exorcised or expelled through such practices of adjuration and prayers?


Gossip Queens Or Bullies In Reality

The infatuation of young girls in our country with certain trademarks of girlishness is unexplainable  and upsetting,for these traits doesn’t enhance their personality as rational beings but rather depreciate their social status.Most of the things that amplify femininity are diseased  and superficial,and chasing such fashionable idiosyncrasies distances the girls from their genuine,unbleached and analytical self.One such trademark is being tagged as gossip queens ,a tag that most of the girls are proud of.

Most of the girls are inattentive to the repercussions of this crippling malady,and that’s because you need to barter your prudence with perceived femininity.It’s a trade off that doesn’t even leave room for repent.To put it bluntly gossiping is ultimately bullying only in which one is demeaning,debasing and belittling the target.

Gossip is a form of emotional and verbal bullying that many people minimize.

While you may not be pushing someone into a locker or stealing their milk money, it’s extremely hurtful to the target’s self esteem, mental health, and friendships.

Gossip deals with topics that are shocking, personal, intimate, and often embarrassing. Gossip is often untrue, exaggerated, and discussed without the target being aware.

Read article:

Gossip is detrimental to the gossiper as well as the target,there’s nothing that reflects femininity in this(only if femininity tantamount to meanness).By adopting such traits we on our own disqualify ourselves as sound human beings.We become campaigners of patriarchal beliefs that women are mean,unreflective and possessed by the green eyed monster.

There’s nothing cool or happening about gossiping it’s debasing and crippling.Stand up again debasing traits and standards …

cheers  [:)]

The Alpha Female Asphxyiated Or Just An Enigma

The term alpha male is not rare to anybody ,but the term “Alpha Female” is muffled,infrequent and whenever it surfaces recurrently brushed off ,because it has a sabotaging effect on the traditionally preferred semblance and deportment of females in the society.Since each and ever individual prefers acceptability baring a few gritty souls,

most females mould themselves as per the traditional standards.The alpha female is a mystery,a pursuit in the dreams of female where they live life absolute ,not arrested by sexist reservations.Sometimes females are given the alpha status when dealing with the beta soul of the same sex,and thereby inflicting harm on the inferior souls who shudder at the thought of raising their voice against the injustice for it is considered to be a breach of standards.Alpha female is a super threat to the existing system for she is somebody who doesn’t appear to need men in order to brave adversity or even in her day-to-day life.And absence of a male companion tantamount to peccancy,which in no case is acceptable.The “Alpha female” is a floozy for men and a bitch beta women.She is somebody lost in the wild and if exposed to the world perchance she is tamed to perfection and if she is iron willed then the tags are always applicable.

But the fact of the matter is that she hardly exists to quote it appropriately no genuine existence,the definition of alpha lady is extremely parochial in geotic context .The modern definition of alpha female is crucially narrow which altogether transform the very definition of the term.

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Women’s empowerment and ego problems are spoiling society???

Women’s empowerment and ego problems are spoiling society: HC judge

Do you think women empowerment have made the gender inane?If not then why most women in general misuse their freedom?If wife earns more than her husband she quotes this time and again and particularly in every fight.Freedom should make a person more balanced,but why the reverse happens?Freedom it seems bestows on most women the right to insult and derogate others.Often i have heard most working women scathing the home makers as useless souls.

What’s your take ,do you believe what manusmriti asserts “A WOMAN IS NOT FIT FOR FREEDOM” Do you believe somehow women flunk to digest freedom?

Daily encounters with misogynistic beliefs

The conversation below is a pick from my Facebook profile


I Hate Girls Who Always Talk About Their Boyfriends….They are exceptionally annoying,frustrating,clueless and a blasphemy for the gender.They lack individuality and are similar to a creeper..

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    • Eshpreet Kaur Neha, u won’t believe, was just thinking this now…
      And u stole my words… :p

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    • Anupam Saxena kya , blasphemy , tum bhi to baat karti ho

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    • Neha Raghuvanshi hellow mr.anupam saxena ,shayad u were the one to ask me questions about my personal life,or in relationship was so apparent…think before u assert something

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    • Anupam Saxena Heloo mis neha you wrote personal things on public page

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    • Neha Raghuvanshi first comprehend the status and then comment…
      and as for making something public …’s my profile i need to mention my relationship status….i think this much info is enough for anyone who just “knows” me and exist on my list….investigating about it is not required ,but if u will ask i have no option but to tell the concerned person ….as simple as that dude

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    • Anupam Saxena Shouldnot have taken a simple thing from an old classmate in this manner neha . Also i think everyone can speak their beau’s at length , in case you dont like just leave it . Claiming such people to be a blasphemy for the fair gender is personal , debatable and avoidable .

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    • Neha Raghuvanshi Well it’s not a thing that can be avoided ,liking ur own comment is pretty lame,u seem exceedingly misogynistic in ur approach..for u seem allergic to women’s identity and individuality and want them to remain dimwit.

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    • Neha Raghuvanshi Most of the men will brace your statement for it satisfies their fragile ego and at the same time sustain the misogynistic beliefs and fosters the imbecile quirk with which a female should subsist in a male dominated world,as per the beliefs she should walk,talk,eat, sleep and dream about the “potent” in her life….and yes u are saying it’s avoidable just because deliberating on this issue could transform some of them and strengthen those feminist group.The male dominated society have always tried to make these issues avoidable for they pose a threat of awakening.

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