Arrange Marriage

Arranged marriage’s in our country have become the most lucrative business for the groom’s family.The dowry laws exist just for the heck of it.The groom’s parents first divulge the tender and then as per the requirements strike on the best quote.They rank the proposals in a chronological order in terms of dowry being offered.If some how they are dazzled by the bride’s profile and appearance even then also dowry remains the ultimate determinant.

           Groom’s father:Aap ka budget kitna hai?

Bride’s father:Maine total 15 lakh ka sankalp kiya hai .

Groom’s father:Are bhaishaab ek aur proposal mein toh hume ek safari aur 10lakh cash de rahe hai ,aakhir aap yeh bhi dekhiye humne apne bacche ki education pe kitna kharch kiya hai ,uska mba itne acche college se karwaya hai .Maine 2 saal pehle apni beti ki shaadi mein 20 lakh kharch kiye the.Humara bhi kuch armaan hai.

This is the bandwagon in which the proposals are considered now a days.Somebody narrated this conversation in front of me ,about how covetous people are when it comes to marrying their sons.I was so raged by this account and at the same time felt disheartened about the present situation,i think given an opportunity the grooms parents would not even hesitate to ask for the delivery charges incurred at the time of their son’s birth if the present trend persist in future.

Arrange marriage is more of a business now a days in our country,by the dint of which you could recover all the expenses you incurred on your son’s cultivation.The laws have flunk miserably,the society by and large is responsible for the failure.Bride burning is the order of the day.Those who are able to afford, foster this malfeasance in the name of gifts or a token of love to their daughter.For the rest who can’t their daughters either don’t get married or if in case they do they are tortured and harassed and even killed.

After dowry comes the bride selection process,which simply resembles the market survey procedure,as a prospective buyer visits all the shops and collect the catalogue’s ,so does the grooms family,they collect the bio data and pictures of the girls,then start rating them and if in case a girl’s parent call them while the procedure is going on,they simply say “abhi rukiye aap,aap 3rd number pe hai ,aapse upar do aur log hai “.

The requirement and qualities desired are quite baffling ..”Wanted a very fair,beautiful ,convent educated professionally qualified homely girl”.They seek a bride whom they can mold as per their requirement.It’s more like buying a furniture, as a furniture should be beautiful but at the same time something that could fit in easily.Seeing the plight of a girl’s parents it becomes quite apparent why a couple dread a girl child.It’s a sad fact that education and awareness in our society failed terribly to root out such social evils.

If education and awareness is incapable ,what is the panacea,how to stop this ongoing madness?