Worldly Women

It’s hard to accept chosen ignorance,

It’s harder to purge such beings,

When deliberate battering of self,

is a barter for societal acceptance,

Individuality becomes immoral,

A women’s body becomes a den of sins,

The soul within is a cursed one,

The soul weaves a net of misogyny,

Trapping any and every thought of individuality,

The net replete with hate for women shrouds the soul,

Leaving no traces of sisterhood,

And then comes the time when the body manifests the soul,

Decorating themselves with patriarchal traditions ,

Speaking the language of folly which befits the worldly women.

Disguising their intelligence with foolish innocence and imbecility.

The worldly women is nothing but a manikin of patriarchal triggered misogyny


Woman Vs Woman

I always believe nothing can be taken away from you without your consent,and even when something is snatched by coercion it’s because you flunk to be strong.Woman since ages have believed that men and religion are the only repository of intelligence and virtues.And being an upholder of such belief they comfortably give in to the demands of both.Not only women in our society are upholders of such misogynistic beliefs but also condemners of the non believing people.Any woman who tries to snap off from the accepted code of conduct is severely criticized by women the most.Also there is a disposition in most woman in our society to make other woman’s suffer in the same fashion they did.

A mother in law in our society will never abstain from tormenting her daughter in law,for the simple reason that she was offered the same behaviour.To me it seems quite similar to the practice of ragging in colleges,where the seniors rag their juniors and then those set of juniors who were tormented in the name of ragging will repeat the entire drill with the next junior batch,and the logic behind such practice is same,“I will give you what i was offered,when i was in your place”.The first thing we need to do if we demand liberation is to stand united.In general,women are quite blithe being what they are,for they think they are serving the purpose they were supposed to and so if any woman is vociferous about her identity,her human existence and rights she is outrageous.

If we want to change things for the better,we need to get rid of these prejudices and malpractices in the name of tradition and stand united.

“Wild Grass On An Infertile Land”

Whenever i excogitate about my ipseity,

I comprehend it is cipher for the world,

Whenever perpend to reckon my caliber,

I observe it to subsist solely to advantage of the men,

My fore bearer was abandoned for she could not parturitate a son,

And was surmised infertile,since a female offspring is just a wild grass

on an infertile land.

The wild grass grows and is an albatross on the progenitors,

While a well cultivated son is a resource to the progenitors,

When the wild grass grows the albatross becomes all the more copious,

And the progenitors have to squander dough to shift the albatross,

The new proprietors endeavor to  acquire benefit,

And start making hay from the wild grass,

The proprietors decussate me in the bandwagon they want,

For ages i have been subjected to a life with no rights ,

My thoughts are alien,my body belongs to the potent in my life,

And my soul is petrified to panoply that it subsist.

By-Neha Raghuvanshi

Quest For Ipseity





Let me tread with dignity,

And you trudge with self-restraint,


Don’t evangelize religion ,

For you have got it terribly framed,


Some misogynist ages ago ravaged my human base,

They  termed their deceiving oeuvre as “ethical frame”






Here i am still collecting fragments of my lost identity,

Seething and exerting myself,

Trying  hard to identify with my lost identity .


By-Neha Raghuvanshi