So What If We Did Not Get Rid Of The Female Fetus,We Can Turn Our Little Girls Into Boys

If you are a progenitor filled with consternation for begetting a female and discombobulated about how to whip the encumbrance of rearing a girl,you no more need to feel dispirited.You have a panacea “sex change operation” by the dint of which you can turn your little girl into a boy.

Few months ago a report in The Telegraph asseverated that parents in India avowedly are paying £2,000 (around $3200) to have their young daughters undergo gender reassignment surgery in order to turn them into sons.Parents are resorting to this surgery in order to eschew the supplemental expenses of nurturing a girl.India exhibits a strong and persistent preference for sons.Indians are exceptionally consumed with the notion that girl child is a liability and a male child an asset.Presently, there are 7 million more boys than girls under age six in India,and the reason for this skewed gender ratio is quite apparent.Female feticide is a matter of course today in India.And the introduction of this new technique will make the situation all the more cantankerous.The state government of Madhya pradesh is already probing 300 cases in which girls have reportedly undergone genitoplasty.

The Telegraph annotates :

                 The surgery, known as genitoplasty, fashions a penis from female organs, with the child being injected with male hormones to create a boy.

                  Dr V P Goswami, the president of the Indian Academy of Paediatrics in Indore, described the disclosures as shocking and warned parents that the procedure would leave their child impotent and infertile in adulthood.

                “Genitoplasty is possible on a normal baby of both the sexes but later on these organs will not grow with the hormonal influence and this will lead to their infertility as well as their impotency. It is shocking news and we will be looking into it and taking corrective measures,” he said. “Parents have to consider the social as well as the psychological impact of such procedures on the child.”

This newfangled technique will proliferate social madness in India, Up till now we haven’t been able to ward off the evil of female feticide,the introduction of such hideous methods will prove all the more detrimental to the survival of a girl.What are we striving for A nation where only men will survive ?