Menstruation :A Taboo

             Do you feel embarrassed when while flipping channels on your television you encounter a  commercial advertising sanitary napkins?

               Are you one among those who are embarrassed to talk  about menstruation  publicly ?

                 Yes,for years like millions of women in India i considered menstruation a  taboo.Something that should be kept hidden as it is embarrassing and degrading.But of lately,my mind refuses to succumb to these inconceivable beliefs.

            In the Hindu faith, women are prohibited from participating in normal life  while menstruating. Women are considered unclean during menstruation.

        ~women can’t cook

        ~ Can’t sojourn temples,

        ~physical intimacy is to be avoided,

     I plainly fail to comprehend why is menstruation considered a taboo in our society? Menstruation is a normal, natural female physiological function.Menstruation is the monthly bleeding of non-pregnant women of childbearing age. To me it seems to stem from some misogynistic individuals, who skilfully used it to disregard women.