Fasting to keep patriarchy and injustice alive.

Finally, the day has arrived…tomorrow scores of women from every walk of life will celebrate patriarchy.The traditional will defend it out of ignorance but the modern female brigade will shock you with bizarre logic…Tomorrow is the day when majority of women who campaign for women rights will bow down to patriarchy .Once again the patriarchal gods will be at peace to witness the submission,for it will testify that no matter how far a woman goes in her life,she will never be out of the web of patriarchal beliefs. Karva chauth will once again be celebrated zealously,tomorrow scores of women will be painted with colours of patriarchy and identifying the fettered from the so called liberated class would be impossible.For they all will exhibit only submission,obedience and helplessness.

Once again gender rights will be cremated by women themselves,only to fight a useless battle after that,it’s just like planting a sapling every morning only to uproot it in the evening and foolishly wait for it to grow..Modern female brigade is even worse than those who are illiterate,suppressed and dependent .Their futility of thought and action is unfathomable.They call their subservience and feebleness love.Often when i ask women as to why they follow such lame traditions the reasons put forth are so maddening that one can’t believe that they are educated or sane people(i would prefer not to call them individuals)…….some reasons put forth are:

  • I am very possessive for my husband,
  • I do it out of love and affection,
  • If i oblige what they say it makes my life easy,after all it’s just a bloody fast,what’s the big issue……

Yes darlings it’s no big issue then why to make suppression and subjugation a big issue then?The way the society conceives an individual or a particular community is directly influenced by how they act or portray themselves.You do it out of love and affection but what if it becomes asphyxiating for others?A large number of girls accept such traditions out of societal pressure,but i am not even justifying those for if you call yourself independent you should have the courage to stand for your beliefs no one can thrust it down your throat.

       It’s all a matter of beliefs..are your beliefs capable enough to make you stand out as an individual or are they just framed for acceptance….I am a little baffled because women who demand equality and justice follow such traditions just for mere acceptance and a hassle free life and if in case some women believe in the power of karva chauth “hats off to them” i pray for your sanity .


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