Gossip Queens Or Bullies In Reality

The infatuation of young girls in our country with certain trademarks of girlishness is unexplainable  and upsetting,for these traits doesn’t enhance their personality as rational beings but rather depreciate their social status.Most of the things that amplify femininity are diseased  and superficial,and chasing such fashionable idiosyncrasies distances the girls from their genuine,unbleached and analytical self.One such trademark is being tagged as gossip queens ,a tag that most of the girls are proud of.

Most of the girls are inattentive to the repercussions of this crippling malady,and that’s because you need to barter your prudence with perceived femininity.It’s a trade off that doesn’t even leave room for repent.To put it bluntly gossiping is ultimately bullying only in which one is demeaning,debasing and belittling the target.

Gossip is a form of emotional and verbal bullying that many people minimize.

While you may not be pushing someone into a locker or stealing their milk money, it’s extremely hurtful to the target’s self esteem, mental health, and friendships.

Gossip deals with topics that are shocking, personal, intimate, and often embarrassing. Gossip is often untrue, exaggerated, and discussed without the target being aware.

Read article:http://everydayfeminism.com/2012/11/whats-wrong-with-gossiping/

Gossip is detrimental to the gossiper as well as the target,there’s nothing that reflects femininity in this(only if femininity tantamount to meanness).By adopting such traits we on our own disqualify ourselves as sound human beings.We become campaigners of patriarchal beliefs that women are mean,unreflective and possessed by the green eyed monster.

There’s nothing cool or happening about gossiping it’s debasing and crippling.Stand up again debasing traits and standards …

cheers  [:)]