Respect women without patriarchal roles

For many these messages would mean respect for women,indubitably they do, but respect only for women who fit in the patriarchal roles defined.It gives an eerie feeling and at the same time disgusts me when i see women sharing these kind of pictures on social networking sites.I mean are women worthy of respect only if they fit into such roles assigned to them by patriarchy?It means a woman would command respect only if she is a mother,daughter,sister or wife to someone,are patriarchal roles the only reason one could think about when it comes to respecting women.If yes,then my fear is thoroughly justified.I mean are men respected because of patriarchal tags ?Well no,men are respected because they are considered to be strong individuals.So why it’s different for women?
A woman should not be harassed because:

a)She is somebody’s someone or,

b)She is an individual who possess the right to respectful and dignified life,

Which of the two option sounds better?Of course , option(b) for in that a woman is considered an individual and possess a personal identity which gives her the right to dignified living.Option(a) would be a choice for those who fail to identify women as individual beings worthy of respect and rights.Gender equality is a term not very much entertained by me because at times it reeks of patriarchal notions.It means pushing forward women in a society woven with patriarchal fabric,and that concept is flawed for it would never let women exploit their real potential as an individual,she would work and define herself within the confines of patriarchal space.

I am also very much concerned about the women who are definitely a creation of this patriarchal set-up but denied a so called respectable title.Yes,i am very much talking about women who are created in order to satiate the lust of patriarchal potents but never acknowledged as a part of the set-up. What about the sex workers?Just because they don’t possess such role tags, are the men entitled to beat,molest or rape them?To big a issue to be dealt with right?But we have to as they are also a creation and part of our patriarchal setup. Even if i choose to ignore this aspect which is least ignorable then also is it okay to believe that if women have such roles to play they will be respected?No,a mother,wife ,sister or daughter is majorly ill treated and denied basic rights by her own family forget about the men outside.So my point is that if women prefer patriarchal roles above individuality and personal identity  they cannot command true respect.


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