The Death Prone Husbands Of India

Now since i am married i am exposed to more hazards of being a woman.Post marriage a woman is expected to adorn herself with myriad of ornaments for the well being of her husband or to enhance her reproductive capacity.I know many people would quote references that it has more to do with the health of a women,but i would like to enquire how many such rationalities are dished out when a woman is asked to put on these adorns?And if it were in any case colligated to the health of a woman ,then why she is supposed to remove them when her husband dies?

The modern educated female brigade has abjured such customs if not wholly at least partially .We have a option to say no or rebel against such beliefs but still a large number of women adorn themselves with the post marriage ornaments not for any other reason but just the well being of their husbands.And occasionally even we have to decorate ourselves to avoid the caustic remarks of relatives.I am perplexed and really have serious doubts about the same that are Indian men so frail or death prone? Or the wife in herself is such an presaging ill fortune that such specifies are predetermined before she enters the life of the concerned male?Is it so that her presence is so ominous that it will expose the man’s life to so many perils?Because before marriage no such thing was practised by his mother or sister.On top of it women do fast also for the long lives of their husbands .

Ah! so much effort is expected of  women to keep their husbands alive and kicking.But men they do absolutely nothing at all.I think i would sound a bit eccentric but i would like to go and rationalise the practice with my latter conclusion that there is something wrong with the women’s presence or ogres always stalk them and gobbles down their husbands if the concerned woman detaches herself from such customs.

Struggling to unravel the enigma:Widows who adhere to all such practices throughout but still meets such a fate….Are the ogres to brawny to be exorcised or expelled through such practices of adjuration and prayers?



One thought on “The Death Prone Husbands Of India

  1. Hi Neha,

    Welcome to the married world!! I don’t believe in any of these symbols but most of the times have to in order to avoid any comments from my in laws. and i have heard the same reason from most of my friends.
    its a pity that we women are not considered worthy of these symbols and fasts for our long life !!

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