“Don’t Cry Like Girls”

I am highly irked whenever i hear anyone using the phrase “don’t cry like girls”.I have flunk to comprehend what it stands for?I am all the more irritated when i hear any girl using this phrase ….”Oh! Look at him ,he is crying like a girl”.It makes me surmise that crying is an effeminate quality.Since girls are vulnerable and feeble and cannot buckle down their problems and enemies so they resort to crying.Venting their agony is the only option they have in life.We assimilate these attitudes and behaviors through the stereotypes of what society thinks it means to “Act like a man”,”Don’t cry like a girl”.

These are gender stereotypes which are conceived by someone who believes in the decrepitude of womanhood.It’s all the more stymie how women flunk to comprehend the kernel of such stereotyping of the gender,and all the more are recklessly using this phrase.It’s like they are conceding with the belief and are promulgating it.It’s like we are being campaigner’s of our feebleness,and providing the male society with yet another reason to consider us as subordinate and feeble beings.

The phrase is a complete sham,after all we all are human beings and emotions is something which is common to all of us regardless of the gender.It’s just another form of gender stereotyping and it’s lamentable to see women behaving so oblivious to this fact.