Patriarchal Mental Floss

Fighting misogyny is an ordeal,more because we have been psychologically conditioned and fed since our birth.It’s only when women decide to resurrect their identity as an individual they clear the misogynist mental floss that have accumulated because of years of indoctrination. Having a “vagina” has been quite a shameful thing for women and talking about it a taboo.

Has anyone by any chance glanced upon the etymology of this word “Vagina” ?. Is “Vagina” another term that uphold patriarchal standard? The word “Vagina” has a Latin origin and means a “Sheath” or “scabbard”(Google for cogent evidence). So when you utter this word you actually reduce a female’s genitals to a hole.It appears more like a word that focus on heterosexual male pleasure.It reduces the female genitals to an opening which is just meant for men to penetrate and get pleasure.We are so abundantly covered in both body and mind that at times patriarchy and misogyny seems insuperable.Anatomically also the word vagina is incorrect. It would be appropriate to replace the word “Vagina” with “VULVA” which means “the external genitals of the female, including the labia  clitoris, and vestibule of the vagina”,while vagina only refers to the passage that leads to vulva,vulva includes the clitoris,labia and the vagina opening.

When I came to know about the “Vagina” etymology I recounted the number of times I have used it when asserting my opinion as a feminist.Since,the harm has been already done,nothing can be done about it,but yes, next time when you are off to use the word “Vagina” consider the word “Vulva”.


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