“Wild Grass On An Infertile Land”

Whenever i excogitate about my ipseity,

I comprehend it is cipher for the world,

Whenever perpend to reckon my caliber,

I observe it to subsist solely to advantage of the men,

My fore bearer was abandoned for she could not parturitate a son,

And was surmised infertile,since a female offspring is just a wild grass

on an infertile land.

The wild grass grows and is an albatross on the progenitors,

While a well cultivated son is a resource to the progenitors,

When the wild grass grows the albatross becomes all the more copious,

And the progenitors have to squander dough to shift the albatross,

The new proprietors endeavor to  acquire benefit,

And start making hay from the wild grass,

The proprietors decussate me in the bandwagon they want,

For ages i have been subjected to a life with no rights ,

My thoughts are alien,my body belongs to the potent in my life,

And my soul is petrified to panoply that it subsist.

By-Neha Raghuvanshi


“The Quintessential Women In Religion”

  “We have been …unable to raise our heads from the slavery mainly for one reason:whenever a sister tried to stand up straight ,immediately the weighty weapon of religion or the sayings of the shastras have fallen to break her head open..These religious texts are taken as god’s commandments and used by men to keep us in eternal darkness”

               -Begum Rokeya Sultana 

           Why is it so that when religion was contrive to unenslave humanity,it did vandalize the emancipation of women(a female human)?All the turpitude against women have religious licentiousness.Men have deceived women in the name of religion.They advisedly repudiate women access to education and sacred texts reading.

            The epic Mahabharata states “Na Stri Swatantrata Marhati”,meaning “A woman has no right to freedom”   …Similar belief annunciated in Manusmriti ,

            Chapter 9:”Men must make their women dependent day and night ,and keep under their own control those who are attached to sensory objects(2),Her father guards her in childhood, her husband guards her in youth,and her sons guard her in old age.A women is not fit for freedom(3)”

                   Why is it so that when all human beings are equal women are denied access to their share of rights,why is it so that a women must walk behind her man?

              Female foeticide is hideous and also considered a social evil.We all are au courant that it  stems from traditional son preference.Did the traditional and religious literature made us rivet with a male child.?

              Manusmriti chapter 9:(8)A husband enters the wife ,becomes an embryo,and is born here on earth.That is why a wife is called a (jaya),because he is born (jayate) again in her,(9)The wife brings forth a son who is just like the man she makes love with,that is why he should guard his wife zealously ,in order to keep his progeny clean.

               A husband may remarry if his first wife does not bear him a son(Vasistha Dharmsutra 28/2-3).

               The Aitereya Brahmana gives unreserved praise to a women who pleases her husband ,never contradicts him,and bears him a son(3/24/27).

                For how long are we going to barter our identity and human rights just to secure a place in the misogynistic world created to fetter us for eternity.

                        “Since ages i believed in religion,

                         Without assimilating what it subsumed,

                         The misogynist misconstrue my incognizance as my reconciliation,

                         Since then my emancipation is my incessant venery”

                                                The cry of womanhood (by-Neha Raghuvanshi)

I Am The One

 I am the one who is murdered unborn,

   I also constitute those who are murdered once born,

I am the one who ofttimes is disrobed of her honor,

I also constitute those who are killed in the name of honor,

I am the one conceived as incubators,

I also constitute those whom the religions calls evil perpetrators,

I am the one glorified as goddess in the name of faith,

I also constitute those who are sabotaged in the name of faith.

By-Neha Raghuvanshi

Soliloquy of a dry river bed

Half a century ago i was betrayed in the name of life,

My father crestfallen,my mother regretful,

To rend the bungle,an agnate asserted,

“I am sure next time you will have a son”,

My family welcomed me as god’s will,

I was bereaved of my human tag on my birth,

And ergo raised with the tag of  a girl,

Throughout my cultivation phase,

I was brainwashed to disparage my identity

In the name of an accomplished women,

I succumbed to the beliefs,

For it was all i saw women preach and practice,

All my years of growth were numb and dark,

Education was there ,but enlightenment was never accessible,

I was seventeen then,

My family resolved to shift the albatross,

Hence,i was consequently married to a perfect stranger,

For i was taught to submit faithfully to my god,

I endured the god with all it’s satanic power,

My body was his pleasure garden,

My soul never existed for him,

Yet,i never catechize his selections,

For he was my god,

A god with diabolic beliefs,

Years passed  ,now i was a mother of two potent humans,

But my quest for my identity as a human being

was still a distant call,

I was withering day by day under the burden of family life,

My god relentlessly consumed me bit by bit,

The potent conceived in me grew in-compassionate ,

Yet,i  did never deprecate my beliefs,

For this was a women’s destiny after all,

On one propitious day my god abandoned me,

For i am no more competent to gratify his needs,

Yet,am destined to live with my demonic god,

And be a bystander of his infidelity,

My procreated are also disciples of my god’s fiendish beliefs,

I don’t command respect ,for now i am a “dry river bed”.

By-Neha Raghuvanshi

Live the human in you

Portrait of happy young girl with stretched arms enjoying life Stock Photo - 9908850

We lack humor,we lack intelligence ,

We are the feeble one’s,we are unclean for

God’s curse works upon us every month,

Yet, men chase us desperately,

For emotional and physical sustenance,

We conceive the world within us,

We are the pro creators ,

We are the ultimate power,

Identify your importance and live the human in you.


By-Neha Raghuvanshi

Why we choose to live as slaves?

The helm lies in the hands of the potent,

We are just the mute spectators of life,

We build and nurture the confines which the potent claims to be a home,

The place where covertly the grave of our identity is dug

Yet,we consciously choose to bury ourselves in the name of ill-conceived womanhood.

By-Neha Raghuvanshi


Fettered and manacled i stand,

Here amidst the people,

My sorrow unheard,

My voice chocked with anger and discontentment ,

My identity sabotaged and destroyed every second,

Here i am a women of free India,

Yet bound by invisible chains,

I, being leashed and tamed like an animal,

Not considering my human form and emotions,

For i also possess a heart and soul as the potent of the world ,

I too get imbued with feelings of sorrow and happiness,

Ignomonising me in the public,

Molesting and disrobing me ,

Is the order of the day ,

My dreams are being crushed and brutally murdered,

Yet everyone expect me to be blithe,

Disregarding my individuality ,

Decorating me like a mannequin as per the fantasies of the potent.