Feminism beyond women

                        When asked most of us with little or no delay label ourselves loftily as

feminist. We declare audaciously that we are intense worshipers of female rights.I don’t question their conviction ,but i certainly doubt their knowledge about the same. When we say we are feminist and believe in equality,dignity and rights of women are we really doing justice to all female beings? Is feminism just a term to secure the rights of women or it should include the rights of every possible female being alive whether human or animal?What was the need of feminism ? Well, we all are aware ,because women were suppressed, they were subjected to atrocities,they were being denied the right to a dignified and respectable life.We just can’t attain freedom till the time we ourselves subjugate somebody knowingly or unknowingly. Unknown realm holds the bigger problems ,i would prefer to use unthought-of rather than unknown.We always misconstrue problems, or rather deal with the superficial ones ,blanking out the ones lying in the oceanic abyss.Rape is just the effect the cause of it being patriarchy, male chauvinism and misogyny.Similarly, ill treatment of any female specie holds the key to complete female subjugation.

download A women milking a cow seems normal right? Take a pause look at the shackles, still it looks normal?I am just not enunciating as a vegan but also as a feminist when i say that the picture is disturbing.It’s a sad state indeed, in a nation of “holy cow” there is nothing “holy” about their treatment similar to the notion of a nation where women are worshiped in the form of goddess, which lactating mother has surplus milk to feed others? I don’t think anyone has ,then why we hold such notions about cows and buffaloes?Are we not adding to the agony of female when we adhere to such practices ?Millions of cows and buffaloes are subjected to periodic rapes in order to produce milk….Yes ,i used the word rape, imagine you being made to have sex forcibly in order to have a continuous production of milk ,sounds so horrible isni’t it .But the cows and buffaloes face the same ,till the time they are spent completely and then sent to the slaughter houses.houses. Shouldn’t  this be a part of feminist agenda?

Now tell me, we all like dogs isn’t it? How many love the street ones? Maybe we all like them to the point that we allow them to survive and feed them but when it comes to choosing them as a family member we prefer pedigreed.The demand for certain breeds is very much ,because they serve as a status symbol ,and be it a street dog or pedigreed one  all love their owners in the same manner and to the same degree ,the difference lies in our minds.As a result of this excessive demand the females are forced into repeated cycles of impregnation.The dogs trapped in puppy mills are nothing but sex slaves.They are forced to constantly mate for someone else’s profit .

download (1)Dog rape stand.

These are pretty apparent examples ,which we choose to ignore and opt for deliberate blindness as patriarchy does to our rights.So are the women, who talk about feminism while sipping their coffee or tea not gulping down the rights, dignity of other female beings?Think about it ,it’s a larger battle and we all need to think about it seriously.Till the time even one single female soul will be suffering, our battle will not be complete.


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