The Missing Draupadi’s Of India

        Ever wondered why Draupadi is not looked up as a role model ? Why Sita only befits the criteria of being a role model ? Why Indians are uncomfortable in considering Draupadi as a role model,especially the men in our country?Why Sita appeals more to them.

         The answer is very simple because Sita don’t pose a threat to the misogynist society.Before you jump to conclude that i am demeaning Sita,pause for a moment.I have no intentions of doing so ,neither i consider Sita to be a bad role model,because that entire story was a part of a time when things were not this ugly .Even demons like Ravana didn’t outrage the modesty of Sita without her consent.But she can’t be an appropriate role model in today’s world, where most men are Duryodhan and Dushashan. Duryodhan is a classic example of male chauvanism and patriarchy, he didn’t even hesitate for a moment when it comes to disrobing Draupadi, but when his mother asks him to instruct his brother Dushashan to do the same with her,he is fraught with anger.This is the case with Indian men today,they hold their mothers and sisters on a high divine pedestal,but when to comes to rest of the female society,they don’t even shudder for a moment with guilt and shame.

        The present is replete with instances where women have been robbed of their basic rights and dignity ,but unfortunately even in such situations people choose Sita to be the perfect role model. Draupadi has always made men uncomfortable because she is not passive,she is fiery.She is capable enough to question the vague values of the society.So how could a society which survives and thrives at the cost of female rights even consider such a women.She is often brushed aside as a women who had five husbands,which is the most inappropriate thing.Even Karna called her a prostitute on the same grounds.Isn’t it a reflection of the double standards of the ethical code governing the society.A king at that time was allowed to marry as many women as he wanted,even virgin maids were given as gift to friends but never ever a King or man was given such titles,only women were subject to such titles.

         Today women stand on the edge of such situations which are highly detrimental to their identity and well being ,and if they don’t answer the call they will be dumped into dark dungeons of misogyny for time unknown.It’s time to find the missing Draupadi’s of India.


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