Realization more important than rights

      All said and done but what has altered so far? Scads of activists have been fighting for women’s rights but nothing has changed ,despondency scuppers since eternity to spifflicate every hope or move .What’s wrong are men insuperable heroes of oppression or women are enormously frail or uncoerced strivers of patriarchy?The so called modern ladder of emancipation of the female folk witness women either on the lowest or highest rung but hardly anybody in between for those in between the two extremes are in reality emancipated for they are the one who have actually crushed the trammels of pariarchal obeisance which stitches up women both at the upper and lower rung.


                    Women at the lower rung are blasphemed the most for they are sensed to be the perpetrators of misogyny and patriarchy since ages.Okay i too hold on to that thought, that their excessive dependence and adherence to the male community fettered women for centuries .They wore innumerable ornaments for the eudaemonia of their husbands ,fasted for their husband and sons,blamed other women for the infidelity of men but never the men involved.They crushed every hope for liberation and stifled the women who dared to rebel against such malpractices .


                     But wait ! Are we less decomposed when compared with such women who reeks of patriarchy to the core?Will a black dot just do enough to show our remontration? Do we really respect other women? Our prejudices play a very defining role than our rationale.We respect other girls till the time they subscribe to our ideology if they don’t we take not much time to call them bitches ,sluts ,whore etc etc.A girl can best be described as SEXY, HOT (yes other few stupid spellings like hawt,haut ) or the other extreme tacky , Behanji or other such synonyms .Is acceptance so damn crucial that we are ready to barter our identity for that?  I REMEMBER VERY DISTINCLY THAT I WAS CALLED A BEHANJI IN MY GRADUATION DAYS FOR NOT HAVING A BOYFRIEND OR SIMPLY BECAUSE I DIDN’T LIKE TAWDRY HUMOUR….OR FOR SURE  CALLED A STRUMPET BY AUNTIES FOR WALKING DOWN THE STREETS WITH MY BOYFRIEND WHEN I HAD ONE ….AHHH! THOSE DISDAINFUL EYES I STILL REMEMBER 🙂 ) Everything considered i firmly believe nobody can plump for misogyny as briglty as women can.It’s daunting to witness using the same misogynistic invectives used by guys and mind you this all comes from the so called educated indian female brigade….And one could be shocked to death to see the same set of girls adhering to the traditional rituals post marriage like fasting for the long lives of their husband ,wearing chudas with hot pants..All in all the point i want to make is women in our country who are up the ladder act more weird when comapred with those who are illiterate and ignorant.We seriously don’t have dearth of rights we never had one but realisation is something we need desperately rather than acceptance or rights .


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