The Deceptive femininity


Now a days femininity is contention,something which fosters ignorance instead of astuteness.Something which goads the practice of conceiving female as an object of pleasure.Femininity is the most run after word ,and most of the females favour the shallow definition of the same .The modern distorted definition is not something which empowers the female but is linked with sexual objectification of the same.

It’s about pink & teddy bears, diamonds,it’s about being tagged as a shopoholic,It’s about being a gossip queen,It’s about parading the flesh in public ,It’s about fighting a battle for liberty to wear short clothes,it’s about being pretty ,it’s about being sexy…but it’s never about freedom,astuteness,and lamentably it’s never about womanhood,about being crazy,disorganised,about being tough (for it’s masculine)it’s never about ipseity ,never about setting standards of sane womanhood,but always about living up to the shallow and cheapening standards laid down.

                          Femininity is no chase,
                          It’s a quest for helotry,
                          It’s a rayless painted ball,
                          And gullible “she” believes it to be the sun”

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