Freedom vs Civility

“Emancipation the most sought after word in the present day India,the actual meaning of the word can only be deciphered when you regard the battle which an oppressed person fights,for others the vocable is just a desultory quest,i think it’s high time we cut to the chase which will very soon become the hot topic for the purpose of cogitation ……Freedom vs civility ….

This one goes preeminently for the female folk in our country,their chase for emancipation is so shallow that somewhere it compels me to believe that somehow we deserve to be treated as the inferior one’s ,because we opt for voluntarily servitude to all the standards laid down and gender stereotyping, i cannot believe it to be something we call “mancipation” ….As campaigners against dress codes will liberate our body (only for the dissipation of the opposite sex)but what about liberating that soul which holds a different story ,which cries for an identity?

The other day i went to the mall(escapism),to take a break from the soul destroying routine ….. what i saw in the underground parking lot made me dash off this status today.A women somewhere in her 40s …….to describe her an idiom will suffice “mutton dressed as a lamb”… from the clutches of traditional dressing but caged by boorishness,this so called emancipated spirit ,jabbering in English made her young one take a leak in the parking lot…..and recklessly she stood there and after the drill she pranced away…..i am still trying to figure out was the lady really oblivious about the fact that there is no dearth of plumbing in a mall…..or was she just too liberated to be taught anything about civility ?….would any kind of revelatory insight on the concerned issue will be considered a dent on her freedom ?

Also i am inquisitive to know that whether the same lady would let her daughter pee in public with same audacity?If not should i establish that the lady is an upholder and campaigner of gender stereotyping ?Now most of the people would consider me cynical and accuse me of making sweeping comments ,but my status is an outcome of many such incidents “


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