Apprehending emancipation

Do you really feel that girls in our society are emancipated ? Or is it just a chimera? For i still see so many girls acceding to all the preposterous and erratic beliefs concocted by the male dominated society.Personally i feel that these girls are to be blamed for fueling the sweeping comments about the gender.Recently i came to know that one of my cousin declined to espouse a girl  because she was corpulent.I mean it’s concedable that the girl was not at par with his standards,bewildered to know what followed the rejection.

My cousin didn’t actually said a complete no,but gave one month time to the girl and asked her to pull down some weight in this one month,and after one month he would meet the girl again.Isn’t it inane and incongruous and i was all the more baffled to know that the girl subscribed to this demand.What it exhibits?A girl who is competent,independent but still a slave to the male chauvinistic beliefs?What type of emancipation is this?


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