Liberty ……A Mistaken Identity

The word liberty conceived by women in general subsist as a relative term.As per my belief women have been thrown off the scent regarding the true nature of the word freedom.Liberty is absolute,unadulterated,downright and uncondensed .It’s really despicable to be a deponent of how the society have distorted the word for the womenfolk.I am infuriated with the sloven and gullible attitude of women in general.

Why we silently accept ?Why don’t we set at defiance all these askew indoctrination? If a women is allowed something which other women are not ,she starts believing that she is blessed and fortunate,turning a blind eye to the fact that she has been allowed to do something and was not the person to tip the scales.Freedom exists as a relative term for  women,and  most of them are blithe with this grisly state of affairs. Majority are even downright campaigners of this putrid and contaminated belief.


One thought on “Liberty ……A Mistaken Identity

  1. //Why don’t we set at defiance all these askew indoctrination?// Centuries of indoctrination and that too supported by religion and patriarchy is difficult to wash off or even to understand – many people actually believe that it is natural or normal for women to be oppressed. Questioning what is seen as ‘normal’ or the only way is a great beginning.

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