Daily encounters with misogynistic beliefs

The conversation below is a pick from my Facebook profile


I Hate Girls Who Always Talk About Their Boyfriends….They are exceptionally annoying,frustrating,clueless and a blasphemy for the gender.They lack individuality and are similar to a creeper..

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    • Eshpreet Kaur Neha, u won’t believe, was just thinking this now…
      And u stole my words… :p

      5 hours ago · Unlike ·  1
    • Anupam Saxena kya , blasphemy , tum bhi to baat karti ho

      5 hours ago · Like
    • Neha Raghuvanshi hellow mr.anupam saxena ,shayad u were the one to ask me questions about my personal life,or in relationship was so apparent…think before u assert something

      5 hours ago · Like
    • Anupam Saxena Heloo mis neha you wrote personal things on public page

      5 hours ago · Like
    • Neha Raghuvanshi first comprehend the status and then comment…
      and as for making something public …..it’s my profile i need to mention my relationship status….i think this much info is enough for anyone who just “knows” me and exist on my list….investigating about it is not required ,but if u will ask i have no option but to tell the concerned person ….as simple as that dude

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    • Anupam Saxena Shouldnot have taken a simple thing from an old classmate in this manner neha . Also i think everyone can speak their beau’s at length , in case you dont like just leave it . Claiming such people to be a blasphemy for the fair gender is personal , debatable and avoidable .

      5 hours ago · Like ·  1
    • Neha Raghuvanshi Well it’s not a thing that can be avoided ,liking ur own comment is pretty lame,u seem exceedingly misogynistic in ur approach..for u seem allergic to women’s identity and individuality and want them to remain dimwit.

      4 hours ago · Like
    • Neha Raghuvanshi Most of the men will brace your statement for it satisfies their fragile ego and at the same time sustain the misogynistic beliefs and fosters the imbecile quirk with which a female should subsist in a male dominated world,as per the beliefs she should walk,talk,eat, sleep and dream about the “potent” in her life….and yes u are saying it’s avoidable just because deliberating on this issue could transform some of them and strengthen those feminist group.The male dominated society have always tried to make these issues avoidable for they pose a threat of awakening.

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