In Captivity Since Ages……VOLUNTARILY

Women are the only oppressed group in our society that lives in intimate association with their opressors.  ~Evelyn Cunningham

Freedom-the word subsist for women in our country within limits defined by the potent.It’s all the more appalling that women are appeased with the adulterated version of the very word.If we conscientiously analyze the lives of women around us, it would not be arduous to rubber stamp the same.Like i have asserted once or twice before that nothing can be taken away from you without your consent and even when something is snatched from you by the dint of coercion it happens just because you flunk to be strong.I didn’t feel like writing anything on my blog since past two three weeks because i got tired disparaging the society and it’s misogynistic beliefs.Indubitably i am vexed with the treatment meted out to women in our society,but i am all the more discombobulated with the compliance of woman in general with such beliefs.

It’s bewildering to be a deponent of such situation.Women in our country flunk to construe their identity when disassociated from the potent.Some are housewives because the potent wants them to function in that manner,and some are prostitutes again because the potent wants them to be.All the roles that women in our society are required to play are decided by the living god(men)…..the emotional, psychological and sexual  stereotyping of a female begins from the very moment when she is born.,and it’s all the more stymie that woman in general never deprecate such beliefs.


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