The story of AD

Recently i have started working in an educational institute,dealing in spoken english and personality development programme.We have students from different strata of the society.They all are disheartened from the rejections they have faced in their lives.In learning english lies their salvation and emancipation.

For this whole week i was in dearth of a subject to dash off a post.Probably i didn’t got time to deliberate upon anything.Today the whole day i was thinking about what to write,nothing struck my mind,i was thoroughly dissapointed with my incompetence.Finally i gave up and thought not to write anything.Just when i was about to leave my office at 7:30 ,one of my student (AD) approached me.She was thoroughly dissapointed with herself.She thought she could never ever learn to converse in english.All i could gauge from her initial conversation with me was that she wanted to learn as soon as possible.

I told AD that it’s not possible that she can learn in just two days.There was something brimming inside her and finally her feelings oozed.She broke totally,forgetting she is in front of so many people

“Ma’am,my husband always criticize me,he is pursuing his MBA from some college in Delhi,and whenever i will call him he will always make an excuse that i am having my class right now don’t disturb,when i call him in the evening or night ,he always criticize me and fights with me that you are uncouth and uncivilized,you don’t know english,i cannot introduce you to my friends,you are a cause of embarrassment for me.,it’s because of him that i have decided to learn english”

I felt so terrible,and at the same time raged.If the girl was so inappropriate  for the guy why did he marry her in the first place.The reason is quite apparent he just obliged his parents decision and at the same time dowry would have played a determining role.

What’s her future ?A girl pursuing her bachelors,hardly 20 years,what if her husband leaves her?Where will she go?What will she do?Will the society except her once her husband abandons her?And even if she continues to live with her husband,will he ever respect her?Will he be faithful to her?Will he not disregard her ?


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