Meri Gudiya Ki Shaadi(My Doll’s Marriage)

I am gudiya.Last year while playing ghar ghar ,me and my friends decided to marry our kids(being our dolls).We all were super excited about the whole thing.Since i belong to a family where girls are only allowed to play after accomplishing every task assigned to us,so we kept the marriage after two weeks,so that we could get time for preparations.I was eleven then yet living the life of a woman,for i did the household chores,also i was a little mother to my five year old brother,so whatever time was left for me ,i tried to live my childhood in that time.

Finally the day arrived, i made some new clothes for my doll from the scraps i collected.I got my gudiya married.My friend took my doll to her place.After few weeks i went to my friends place to see my doll,there i found her in a deplorable position,i fought with my friend and brought my doll back with me.

Few months later i got married,my husband was a perfect stranger to me,almost 10 ,15 years elder to me.But i was blithe about the footage i got then,when i reached my husband’s place things changed drastically,some monster or rather a ghost ate me every night ,he resembled my husband,my in laws used to beat me and tormented me for my parents could not afford what they demanded,one day i was abandoned by my husband,my parents took me back with them similar to what i did one year back with my gudiya.After a week i got to know i was pregnant,my parents started crying,i didn’t understand why?Today i am a mother of a daughter,but i dread calling her gudiya .

The life of a woman is just like a doll,the society as kids play with them,treat them the way they want, abandon them as per their wish.But i don’t want my daughter to be gudiya,i want her to be treated as a woman when she grows up ,by woman i mean “a female human” and not just a “female”.



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