Woman Vs Woman

I always believe nothing can be taken away from you without your consent,and even when something is snatched by coercion it’s because you flunk to be strong.Woman since ages have believed that men and religion are the only repository of intelligence and virtues.And being an upholder of such belief they comfortably give in to the demands of both.Not only women in our society are upholders of such misogynistic beliefs but also condemners of the non believing people.Any woman who tries to snap off from the accepted code of conduct is severely criticized by women the most.Also there is a disposition in most woman in our society to make other woman’s suffer in the same fashion they did.

A mother in law in our society will never abstain from tormenting her daughter in law,for the simple reason that she was offered the same behaviour.To me it seems quite similar to the practice of ragging in colleges,where the seniors rag their juniors and then those set of juniors who were tormented in the name of ragging will repeat the entire drill with the next junior batch,and the logic behind such practice is same,“I will give you what i was offered,when i was in your place”.The first thing we need to do if we demand liberation is to stand united.In general,women are quite blithe being what they are,for they think they are serving the purpose they were supposed to and so if any woman is vociferous about her identity,her human existence and rights she is outrageous.

If we want to change things for the better,we need to get rid of these prejudices and malpractices in the name of tradition and stand united.


3 thoughts on “Woman Vs Woman

  1. Women have been turned into “masochists” in our society. The little respect a woman gets in her life time is based on certain virtues like how self-sacrificing, forgiving, docile, subservient and so on and so forth she is. She is never valued as an human, or an individual. Her worth is measured by the status and influence of the men in her life (her father, brother, husband, son) and how adept she at carrying out domestic work. She is always at loggerhead with her co-sisters, Mother-in-law, at times even her own mother and sisters just so that she can prove to the men in her life and society in general that she’s better and deserves more respect or maybe some more power over others (you know the little power she can exercise). It is basically a sad state of affairs that because of all these reasons women often become victims of physical and emotional abuse at some point in their lives and then later on when they rise slightly above in their status in the family or societal hierarchy they derive a sense of statisfaction by perpetuating the same violence on other women at the lower part of the social or familial hierarchy.
    Your last lines are very apt. Unless the women come together in the true sense (which is only possible when the women in our country do away with such stupid notions and traditions and learn to stand up for themselves), they cannot expect to negotiate with the men in our society to ask for what’s rightfully theirs.

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