Why A Woman Never Complains?

A girl in Indian society is taught to cultivate a submissive femininity,this drill starts from a very tender age.Girls are expected to be submissive in all situations,for it is inappropriate for a girl to surpass the “laxman rekha”.But till when we are going to barter our human rights for just an effeminate tag.Why an acknowledgment is so cardinal for us?

I am disheartened to be a deponent of such lives,where women consciously choose to cling to these demonic men.Ever thought why a women never grumbles about the infidelity of her husband?For she finds solace in the fact that all men are just the same.If a man is infidel it’s okay ,for men have always been like this,but if a women does the same she is termed promiscuous,i am not bolstering infidel women,yet i demand condemnation of infidelity of both the genders and that to homologous one.

Freshly i heard a story about a distant relative of mine.That relative is a female, now living an abandoned life,actually not exactly abandoned.The reason she was forsaken by her husband few years ago…”She was unable to conceive“.So he married another woman,and now is a proud father of a son.But this forsaken lady did not leave him even after his second marriage.She lives in the same house with his second wife.The man never divorced her and without a proper legal procedure married another women.And i thought polygamy is a malfeasance in our society?She is not the only woman i heard about who is living like this,several stories of similar fashion have been sounded to me many times.I flunk to assimilate why women don’t complain?Why they are blithe being with such a man ?The reason is they dread the humiliation by the society once they are completely forsaken,so even the slightest acceptance means a lot for them.The woman is guilty of being infertile,and at the same time exceedingly obliged that her husband  allowed her to stay with him.She refused to go against her husband even after innumerable attempts from her family.

The sacred texts have defined the “quintessential Indian woman” ,a woman conceived on the footings of misogynistic beliefs.A woman who is vociferous about her ipseity is outrageous.It’s lamentable to witness that women in our society are mute disciples of these misogynistic beliefs.Women have to assimilate that religion and men are not repository of all virtues and ethical behavior.By subscribing to the atrocities of men,they are disparaging their own existence as a human being.


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