“Are Indian Women Superficial And Shallow” ?

Why are the Indian women so superficial and shallow?

Hi everybody, i would really like to get a serious response to this questions since, it isn’t a try to insult the mentioned group of people but to simply try to understand their mentality.
Namely, each time i had conversations with Indian women/girls, whether on live or in internet, i was being amazed by their shallowness and superficiality. I wasn’t able to have a more serious conversation with any of them or to receive thoughtful answer on my questions and the most interested they were about was: talking bad about other women, people and food. What was impressing them the most were the status symbols (money, cars, London…). Some of them who were eventually interested in me, after knowing them for a long time, the emotions i felt from them were very basic and shallow, if not fake. They seemed purely attached to the image of the wealthier life they could have and not at all to the person. It’s all really very disappointing since that’s not what hinduism teaches either. So, if someone who is more into Indian culture could explain me this phenomenon better i would be very grateful.
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              Are Indian women really depth less and frivolous?Is it so that Indian women can’t think beyond money,shopping, etc.If we discern the situation today most of the women function exceedingly doltish and shallow.Most of them act cliche and live up to the image of being ignoramus.Some of the most hackneyed phrases used by women in our country are-
– I love shopping,oh i am a complete shopaholic.
– I love teddy bears ,awwwwwwieeeeee they are “Sho cute”
– I love diamonds ,after all diamonds are women’s best friends.                                                                                                                                                              Moreover,if you don’t relish these phrases then your not “girly”.It’s highly upsetting why a hefty proportion of women in our country  are blithe with their dimwit and doltish image.Is it that women don’t want to enjoy an intellectual status? Feminism and tenderness doesn’t connote to all this.When in relationships most women become obsessed with gifts.They expect their partners to fetch them expensive one’s so that they could brag about it in front of their peers.What kind of yardstick of love is this?Many have even resorted to being clicked with teddy bears and gifts given by their  partners and flaunt it on social networking sites.What kind of promulgation is this?                                                                                                         After all this shallowness,we demand respect from the society.What type of respect are we talking about?Women to be respected as the “most superficial beings”.Most women will blame the male dominated Indian society for the shallow thoughts of women and their cultivation in such a way.But would you do so today also?Women who are well educated are most prone to this kind of behavior,they are more contagious to this superficiality.It is we who promote ourselves are shallow beings in the name of effeminate endowments.

4 thoughts on ““Are Indian Women Superficial And Shallow” ?

  1. Hi Neha,
    Came here through IHM’s blog. I totally agree with what you have written here. I too have never been able to understand the reason behind the shallow and often times childish behaviour of some desi women I have met, both in the country I live in now and back in Desh. Per my observation, if a desi woman is normal and sensible, she automatically becomes the target of malicious gossip by these desi-child-women. Well, if these women want to be silly, then they have every right to be! But unfortunately the stupidity and superficiality of a handful of silly desi child-women, has negative repercussions on the rest of us normal, sensible and intelligent desi women who want to live life with their heads held high doing the things we want to.
    I wrote something related on my blog. Maybe it can explains some, if not all, of this shallow behaviour. Have a look when you can:


  2. @Mandooka :Loved your post thoroughly.I dashed off this post just because i think women in our country are comfortable with their stereotyped image of being doltish beings,who needs to prove their feminism by the dint of their stupid behavior ,They are just surviving to live up to the expectations of the male dominated society,not even contemplating ones about their ipseity.Women in our country are the biggest upholders of misogynistic beliefs.They are happy being creepers who could not subsist without a male support,even when he is the biggest threat to their emancipation.

    I wanted to comment on your post ,but you have privacy issues
    keep blogging 🙂

  3. @ Neha: Loved your post thoroughly, and really pleased to see sensible girls like yourself and Mandooka.I always think that there is a basic difference between Western and Indian values, Westerners have a progressive outlook and Indians have a traditional outlook. Basically this means that each one of us should follow traditional values (even at the expense of our own ambitions). So I think a larger part of our society will always be caught in small things. Also , Westernization is now having an adverse impact on Indian culture,we are not embracing the good part ,viz. values such as scientific advancement, progressive mindset or leadership. We are simply embracing consumerism,luxurious lifestyle, vulgarity ,sexual promiscuity etc. So don’t expect most girls to talk on topics other than shopping or jewelry, like I don’t expect most guys to talk anything besides cricket , cars or bikes.

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