“Women Of Tomorrow”


         According to “Women of Tomorrow,” a recent Nielsen survey of 6500 women  across 21 different nations, Indian women are the most stressed

         Women in India from the time of their girlhood are expected to function quintessential,they have to be flawless and more precisely “pie in the sky”.As a result of which there is a hefty pressure on them to live up to the standards of their family and society.Education and employment have played an excellent role in India.But social mores and family expectation make them juggle between career demands and family responsibilities.Indian women shoulder double burden as they manage both home and office.India’s feudalistic mindset has not changed since men still expects them to do all the work.

        Women in India have to manage both professional front and personal front simultaneously and with exceptional amount of excellence on the personal front,otherwise the in laws and her husband are always there to criticize her for her non competence or lack to interest towards her responsibilities.As such women in India are exceedingly stressed.The family system in India is highly undemocratic which should be changed.The household chores should be shared by all the family members and not made the responsibility of any one member.

         The only way things could be changed for better is that men should bring a change in their attitude towards women,because with no support from men at home women in our country are more stressed and under constant pressure .Since girlhood they are plugged in to the idea of being “ideal daughters”,”ideal wives” and “ideal daughter in law”.The idea of expecting women in our country to be flawless and ideal in bestial on part of our patriarchal society.


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