Soliloquy of a dry river bed

Half a century ago i was betrayed in the name of life,

My father crestfallen,my mother regretful,

To rend the bungle,an agnate asserted,

“I am sure next time you will have a son”,

My family welcomed me as god’s will,

I was bereaved of my human tag on my birth,

And ergo raised with the tag of  a girl,

Throughout my cultivation phase,

I was brainwashed to disparage my identity

In the name of an accomplished women,

I succumbed to the beliefs,

For it was all i saw women preach and practice,

All my years of growth were numb and dark,

Education was there ,but enlightenment was never accessible,

I was seventeen then,

My family resolved to shift the albatross,

Hence,i was consequently married to a perfect stranger,

For i was taught to submit faithfully to my god,

I endured the god with all it’s satanic power,

My body was his pleasure garden,

My soul never existed for him,

Yet,i never catechize his selections,

For he was my god,

A god with diabolic beliefs,

Years passed  ,now i was a mother of two potent humans,

But my quest for my identity as a human being

was still a distant call,

I was withering day by day under the burden of family life,

My god relentlessly consumed me bit by bit,

The potent conceived in me grew in-compassionate ,

Yet,i  did never deprecate my beliefs,

For this was a women’s destiny after all,

On one propitious day my god abandoned me,

For i am no more competent to gratify his needs,

Yet,am destined to live with my demonic god,

And be a bystander of his infidelity,

My procreated are also disciples of my god’s fiendish beliefs,

I don’t command respect ,for now i am a “dry river bed”.

By-Neha Raghuvanshi


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