sex-selective abortions in India

A foetus in a woman's womb

“Up to 6 million foetuses were aborted because they were female in India in the last decade, according to the Lancet.couples who do not want a large family and are determined to have a son. The practice is more widespread among wealthier and better educated Indian families, who are better able to afford the prenatal tests and medical intervention they want..”

India is having a skewed sex ratio,and the reason for this is quite apparent,Indian’s are still obsessed with male child.  This year’s Indian census revealed that there are about 7.1 million fewer girls than boys under the age of six. The gap has grown substantially since the 2001 census, which found 6 million fewer girls, and the 1991 census, 4.2 million fewer.

The researchers used census data to estimate the absolute numbers of abortions for reasons of sex selection. They used information on more than 250,000 births in national surveys to work out the difference in the girl-boy ratio in second births in families where the first child was a girl.

They found that the ratio in second births where the first child was a daughter fell from 906 girls per 1,000 boys in 1990 to 836 in 2005 – a drop of 0.52% a year. But there was no decline in the ratio among couples whose first child was a son.Over the 30 years from 1980 to 2010, there could have been as many as 12 million abortions of girls.

Lamentably,the son preference syndrome is common to all Indian’s regardless of their education and status.How could this gendercide be curbed is debatable?????

Share your views about what can be done to control sex-selective abortions in India.??


References:The guardian


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