Fettered and manacled i stand,

Here amidst the people,

My sorrow unheard,

My voice chocked with anger and discontentment ,

My identity sabotaged and destroyed every second,

Here i am a women of free India,

Yet bound by invisible chains,

I, being leashed and tamed like an animal,

Not considering my human form and emotions,

For i also possess a heart and soul as the potent of the world ,

I too get imbued with feelings of sorrow and happiness,

Ignomonising me in the public,

Molesting and disrobing me ,

Is the order of the day ,

My dreams are being crushed and brutally murdered,

Yet everyone expect me to be blithe,

Disregarding my individuality ,

Decorating me like a mannequin as per the fantasies of the potent.



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